02 marzo 2006

David López, Previews "One Year Later", Catwoman 53:

DC está comenzando a presentar previews de sus series "un año después". Y la primera de la lista ha sido Catwoman, una serie que estoy seguro encantará a los lectores, en todos los sentidos. Aquí os dejo el texto de la preview, y las páginas que acompañan a la misma (y no, no me he olvidado del viaje a Nueva York, pero hasta que tenga tiempo de reorganizar mi cabeza y tiempo un poco, el tema tendrá que esperar un poco).

¡Os dejo con David López, y su Catwoman!

Escrito por Will Pfeifer
Dibujo de David López & Alvaro Lopez
Portada de Adam Hughes
It’s One Year Later…and why is Selina Kyle no longer Catwoman? For that matter, why is she no longer named Selina Kyle? The new art team of David López (FALLEN ANGEL, WONDER WOMAN) & Alvaro Lopez (Breach, Batgirl: Year One) joins series writer Will Pfeifer as the Catwoman you know is irrevocably changed, and a new member joins the cast — one that’s certain to shock you!On sale March 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US
And if the following preview pages didn't make it obvious enough...
"Selina is indeed having a baby," writer Will Pfeifer told us a couple of months back...
"I'm not going to reveal who the father is (and, for awhile, neither is Selina), but I will say this: This plot twist is going to reveal some different sides to Selina's personality, and we're going to actually treat this pregnancy/birth seriously, and not as some cheap stunt.
"What would happen in someone used to costumed adventure found herself pregnant? What kind of questions would she face before the birth, and what sort of responsibilities would she face afterwards. She loves the kid, obviously, but she also loved the life she had -- which one wins out?
"It opens a whole new barrel of storylines that I'm looking forward to delving into, and there's nothing like throwing a huge change into someone's life to make things interesting. This is one storyline that would come to a neat, tidy conclusion, I assure you of that.
"Whether you love the idea of her having a baby or hate it with a passion, I'm gonna put you (and Selina) through the wringer on this one.
"Stick around."