12 febrero 2006

JESÚS SAIZ. Greg Rucka habla de CHECKMATE en Wondercon:

Y aparte de lo que él dice, nada más puedo añadir, o me capan, ¡así que os dejo con sus declaraciones (ojo a las negritas que os he puesto) en una mesa redonda con respecto a la nueva DC en la convención de cómics Wondercon y con la portada de Lee Bermejo para el número uno de la colección!

Rucka described his new Checkmate series as a “really good Mission Impossible movie”, “a little bit like Tom Clancy but well written”, and “a little like James Bond, but more realistic.”
Rucka said they’re trying to map some of the real world’s political tensions onto the DCU, such as the “superhero gap”, where the U.S. has the most superheroes in the DCU and other countries – like China for example – may want and develop more on their own.
Rucka recalled a line from the series pitch the sums it up well – “When Superman gets out of line, Checkmate is there to bring him back. When the Joker gets a nuke, Checkmate is there to shut him down.“
Rucka then outlined the characters from the cover of issue #1. The Black Queen is Sasha Bordeaux, the White Queen is Amanda Waller, Fire is the Black Queen’s knight, and the White King behind the podium is … wait for it …Alan Scott
”This book is going get you in the head and get you in the gut”.
At that point Johns leaned over to Rucka and after exchanging a few words, Rucka asked, “Do you want me to say it”, Johns nodded, and Rucka said, “And the Suicide Squad is in it.”